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Specialised pest control services in Johannesburg

From rodents to cockroaches, flies to termites Solid Hygiene Solutions has the most effective treatment to control that pest which is driving you mad!

Solid Hygiene Solutions offers safe and effective solutions using an integrated pest control approach. Integrated pest control is about preventing or reducing pests, while at the same time safeguarding human health, building assets and the environment.

Solid Hygiene Solutions has been in the pest control business for years. If you are looking for a pest control specialist with safe, effective and fast solutions then contact Solid Hygiene Solutions today!

Controlling Ants

Controlling Ants

Ants are one of the more difficult household pests to control. Damage to dwellings from ants is caused over a long period of time through soil removal from paving and foundations. To effectively treat the problem, the ants need to carry the ant bait back to the nest, so that the queen ant feeds on it and the reproduction cycle is halted. Treatment is a combination of barrier “spray/drenching”, with granular or gel treatment. Ant treatment is normally a once off with a follow-up if necessary.

Controlling Birds

Controlling Birds

Bird proofing ensures the humane control of problem birds which can cause destruction to property and spread diseases if allowed to nest freely in a domestic or industrial setting. Bird proofing is normally a combination of bird spikes, a repellent gel and proofing using wire screens or mesh.

Controlling cockroaches

Controlling Cockroaches

Cockroaches breed in a six week cycle and need to be treated early to prevent infestation. Treatment is normally a spray and/or gel treatment, with fumigation only in cases of bad infestation. There is no need to vacate premises for standard treatment. Cockroaches can be treated as a once off , but in commercial or industrial premises you should have an on-going service.

Controlling rodents

Controlling Rodents

Rodents breed in a six week cycle. If children or pets are on the premises then rodent bait should be placed in tamper proof rodent bait boxes. Rodent treatment can be once off for short-term results, but preferably is ongoing.

Controlling Flies

Controlling Flies

Fly control generally need a combination of treatments to control, using a combination of surface spray repellents, insect light traps, insecticidal aerosol spray dispensers or granular treatments. Fly control needs to be ongoing, particularly in summer.

Controlling Termites

Controlling Termites

The main species here are drywood termites, that live within the wood (e.g. skirting boards) and have no contact with soil, or the subterranean termite, which is identified by a “mudpack” above ground level. It is often found in the bottom of kitchen or bathroom cupboards, attracted by the moisture and the cellulose in the wood which they feed off. Subterranean Termite treatment is a onceoff, with a guarantee of two to five years.

Controlling Harvester Termites

The harvester termite is a pest of lawns or other grassy areas. The nest is underground. While mainly feeding off the cellulose in grass, they can be found in non-woody materials containing cellulose, such as thatch, paper, clothing and ceiling cornices. Harvester termite treatment on lawns could require followup after the initial treatment.

  • Contact us for assistance with harvester termites

Controlling Fleas

Controlling Fleas

Flea bites cause irritation and sometimes serious allergies in humans and animals. Flea treatment of infested areas need to be repeated at least once after the initial treatment. Treatment must be in conjunction with treatment of pets with recommended veterinarian products.

  • Contact us for assistance with controlling fleas

Controlling Mites

Controlling Carpet Mites or Lice

These also cause irritation and occasional allergies. Treatment should be in conjunction with a thorough vacuuming or steam cleaning of carpet and other fabrics. Carpet mite or lice treatment is normally a once off.

  • Contact us for assistance with controlling carpet mites or lice

Controlling Bedbugs

Controlling Bedbugs

Bedbugs need to be treated with urgency as the spread of infestation can be rapid. Bedbugs could need a followup treatment, depending on the severity of the infestation. Treatment must include other fabrics, such as carpets, curtains and couches. Bedding must also be washed at a high temperature before being re-used.

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