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Pest control for birds - keep Pigeons and Indian Mynahs away!

Pigeons are everywhere - they're practically unavoidable. The problem is, they pose a massive health risk. Their droppings can spread disease and parasites. When their droppings dry out, they become even more of a risk as their particles are released into the air and can be inhaled causing fungal diseases in humans! This makes bird control a necessity,  contact Solid Hygiene Solutions today!

Keep birds out your home and office buildings!

Pigeons and other birds can also spread infestations of other pests, such as fleas, mites and many types of insects. Did you know over forty parasites and insects live either on birds, in their nests or in the places they roost!

Whilst brooding, both parents develop a nutritious, thick pigeon milk which is a bit like porridge. This amazing substance is so nutritious a squab can double in size in 48 hours. The magic porridge contains immunities against disease which explains why pigeons can live in such filthy conditions. Pigeons have no hygiene awareness and are quite happy to poo in their own nests!

Problems caused by bird infestations

  • Ongoing cost - the time and resources required to clean up droppings, remove nests off buildings, cleaning guttering and drainage blockages, repair of air conditioners.
  • Property damage - bird droppings are very acidic and can cause accelerated deterioration of roof sheeting, brick surfaces, permanent staining and corrosion of paving.
  • Health and safety - bhe presence of bird droppings at entrances, on roofs, footpaths and on stairs are hazardous as people can slip. Birds and their droppings carry allergens, parasites, bacteria and other health risks to humans. Even birds which appear healthy can carry disease.

Bird control & bird proofing

Bird proofing can be on of or a combination of anti bird spikes, bird netting or wire mesh proofing, repellent gels, or a wire “mini fence”. All of these measures are “preventative” and do not harm the birds.

The bird proofing is installing in their favourite perching and nesting areas:

  • Where eaves overhang a flat roof section
  • Roof beams under roof overhang
  • Inside roofs where fascia boards have perished or broken
  • Patio beams or beams under thatch roofs and lapas
  • Ledges above doors and windows
  • The angled part of downpipes from gutters
  • Aircon units on outside of buildings

A single brooding pair of pigeons can produce fifty pigeons in twelve months. And these fifty are ready to breed within 2 months! This makes bird control a necessity if pigeons move into your premises. Don't delay - contact Solid Hygiene Solutions today!

Pigeon Facts

Pigeon Facts

  • Pigeons mate for life and share parental responsibility.
  • A single pair of pigeons can produce fifty pigeons in twelve months.
  • Pigeons have no hygiene awareness and are quite happy to poo in their own nests!
  • Pigeons pose a health risk spreading disease, parasites and fungal infections.
  • Over forty parasites and insects live either on birds or in their nests.